The Gift of Gab (Strong Copywriting): How to Engage with Top Influencers + Brands on Twitter

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I pulled this image from Man Repeller’s Instagram  + crafted a tweet build awareness around her new collab.

Anyone can say “Share this…” “Like if…” “RT if…”

Synthesizing and connecting into the true zeitgeist of a brand’s community and crafting a wry, pithy, witty, engaging, memorable and on-brand tweet…baby, that’s a whole other story.

Overall, the goal of social media is to speak authentically and with a creative, innovative voice. So, onward, social people! The brand name I’m working for has been omitted. I’m simply using the tweets as examples of different strategies that work. Here are some key points with examples.

1. Take risks with language. Be innovative. 

You’ll know you’ve been successful in your crafting/copywriting when brands and influencers that RT or Favorite selectively have felt inspired to engage your words. As in the case with RTs from Ivanka Trump (1 million+ tweeps), Designer Peter Som (22,000+ tweeps), Anthropologie Brand (400,000+ tweeps), West Elm (35,000+ tweeps). Oh, yeah.

Ivanka Trump RT 1 milion + followers typic does not RT

West Elm Favorite

JC Penney Favorite

Peter Som RT

Anthropologie RT

FYI – a Favorite is just OK. It’s like getting a C+ in school. We want all A+’s. Sometimes brands just won’t give that much love out. It’s ok, we’ll try again later.

2. Know your influencers and your audience and your competition.

– What language are they using, what words and phrases, what hashtags? How can you speak from within that space, and add your own flair?
– Do your homework. You were hired to be the voice of the brand on social which oftentimes is very close to the cadence you may speak in your life offline, but always, always, always be thinking, RTing, and speaking from the voice of the brand first. Then, innovate from there. Sorry – you can start your own blog and “be yourself” there. XO

Lifetime Moms RT

3. Connect the dots with a CTA.

– Tagging a brand and a hot blogger or influencer is oftentimes a magical combination and super exciting, especially when you’ve been personally following them – such as I have with Man Repeller!!  Extra care was taken with this tweet – as I pulled the “Happiness is Here” image from Man Repeller’s Instagram, and then added the photo to the tweet, being sure to add all twitter handles associated with this new collaboration.

A RT from Man Repeller, Fred Segal, and PJK in one day is equivalent to being invited to tea with Michelle Obama. Well..almost.

Man Repeller and Fred Segal

This is another example of tagging a hot influencer who was featured in a very, very hot video and collaboration – DKNY and Opening Ceremony. She RTd – so that gets the brand name on the radar of all the cool people she knows. Oh yes, she knows just a few people…
Kim Anne Foxman4. It goes without saying that tweeting out inspirational and evocative Text Cards is KEY. But that will be a whole other blog post.

Some other thoughts on Twitter:

– What’s the goal on twitter? To obtain RTs and replies.
– Why? RTs and Replies get the name of your brand on the radar of your tweep’s tweeps. You are tweeting in order to reach new communities and, in doing so, they will become your community (i.e. begin following you on twitter).
– What inspires people to RT? Innovative copy, and insight into the world and trends that resonate with the brand’s demographic. Hashtags. Photos.
-Why is a RT the holy grail? First, if coming from a big brand – it’s an implied endorsement. Their RT of your tweet is saying: Yeah, what she said….Yeah, we connect with you. And it puts the name of your brand on the radar of the tweeps of the brand you just tweeted out; the tweet shows up in their feed. When I get a RT from a big brand, I always get new followers. This is similar to doing a #FF – you’ll always obtain new followers. Why? Because the inclusion of a brand or influencer’s twitter handle in your tweet shows up in their tweep’s feed, and in the influencer’s “Mentions” tab. They’ll see you’ve tagged them, and will be so inspired by your wordsmith abilities – that they’ll RT as a shout out, as a thank you to you for getting their name out to your people. They’re scratching your back with a RT.


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