Burning House BFF + Sophie Calle Badass

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  • Objects as pointers to a person.
  • Objects as portraits.
  • I’m in love with Burning House. Forever BFF.

burning house example copy

  • Sophie Calle nailed it years ago in The Hotel, Room 47, 1981
  • “On Monday, February 16, 1981, I was hired as a temporary chambermaid for three weeks in a Venetian hotel. I was assigned twelve bedrooms on the fourth floor. In the course of my cleaning duties, I examined the personal belongings of the hotel guests and observed through details lives which remained unknown to me. On Friday, March 6, the job came to an end.” – Sophie Calle

sophie calle the hotel copy

  • Here’s the start of a photo series I’ve conceptualized for SOU.¬†What would this image look like for the Theatre Dept, the Art Dept, the Anthropology Lab? Stay tuned…
  • Many brands are up on this ¬†Burning House troupe. For me, it never gets old. Portraits are my thing.

burning house copy

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